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Membership Agreement



From the moment you become a member of Selligo; you are deemed to have fully understood and accepted all of the membership conditions, TERMS OF USE, PRIVACY POLICY, COOKIE POLICY, PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY, and CANCELLATION & REFUND documents as an integral whole.


WEBSITE: It is the internet site consisting of the domain name and its sub-domains, all of which belong to the Company.

SELLIGO: It refers to Selligo as a whole, including the Website and Mobile Application.

SERVICES: It refers to all the Services provided by Selligo to enable Sellers and Buyers to perform the transactions defined in the Terms of Use and Membership Agreement. Within this scope, the services provided through Selligo are actually intermediary services, including:

* Listing and selling the products of third-party companies that have a dealership agreement with Selligo,

* Providing intermediary service for the sale of a product owned by the Seller to the Buyer.

The Company may change the definition of the Services at any time without any notification and may close the Services to third-party use.

SERVICE FEE: It is the fee that the Seller is required to pay to Selligo and is deemed to have been accepted in advance with this agreement. Selligo covers this fee by taking a commission from the Product sales transactions between the Buyer and the Seller. Selligo can unilaterally announce and change the Service Fee at any time on the website of The change is deemed to have become effective as of the moment of its publication.

VISITOR: It refers to any real or legal person accessing Selligo. The definition of Visitor includes all definitions of Member, User, Seller, and Buyer.

SELLER: It is the real or legal person who sells their own Product to the Buyer through Selligo as an individual member. Membership in Selligo is a requirement to become a Seller. According to this agreement, the USER acknowledges that they are of legal age and considered adult according to the relevant laws in their region. The necessary membership requirements are explained in this agreement.

MEMBER: It is the real or legal person who becomes a member of Selligo as an individual member and purchases a product from Selligo or the Seller. Membership in Selligo is a requirement to become a Buyer. According to this agreement, the USER acknowledges that they are of legal age and considered adult according to the relevant laws in their country. The necessary membership requirements are explained in this agreement.

USER: "User" refers to any natural or legal person who sells or purchases Products offered for sale on Selligo or benefits from services. Users may also be referred to as "Visitor," "Member," "Buyer," or "Seller." The Company may request additional documents, including a photocopy of identification, to verify this if necessary.

-PAYMENT SERVICE PROVIDER: Payment service providers are banks, electronic money institutions, and payment institutions that are subject to the Financial Services and Markets Act and the Banking Act and with which the Company is in a contractual relationship. The Company may change Payment and Service Providers without notice at any time.

-PRODUCT: The Products provided through Selligo, obtained from third-party companies with whom Selligo has a dealership agreement, and offered for sale in accordance with this Agreement, the Terms of Use, the Membership Agreement, the Distance Selling Agreement, and other annexes, including but not limited to products and services listed in the Prohibited Products list in the Posting Rules. These products are not physical. They consist of a numerical code and gaming currency that is immediately consumed and generally referred to as E-PIN/Electronic Pin. Hereafter, the Product may also be referred to as E-PIN.

-CONTENT: Content refers to any type of information, text, file, image, video, and other visual, literary, and auditory objects, including but not limited to information related to Products that can be accessed through Selligo and uploaded by the Company or Users. Hereafter, Content may also be referred to as "Product."

-DATABASE: The Database is the entirety of data that is owned by the Company and is protected by the Designs and Patents Act 1988 and processed under the Data Protection Act 2018, where Content is stored, categorized, queried, and accessed.


3.1. This Membership Agreement is valid between the Company, the owner of Selligo, and the Member who wishes to benefit from the Services and determines the provisions and conditions required for membership.

3.2. By accepting this Membership Agreement, the Member acknowledges that Real Person Members have sufficient legal capacity under the laws of their location to enter into a contract, and Legal Entity Members acknowledge that the Membership Agreement has been accepted by authorized persons and is binding for the legal entity. There are two types of membership in Selligo, individual and corporate.

3.3. By accepting the Membership Agreement, the Member acknowledges, declares and undertakes that he/she is authorized to use the Services provided on the Website and the Mobile Application, assumes all kinds of responsibility in the selection and use of the Services, and in accessing Selligo.

3.4. The discretion to approve membership lies solely and exclusively with the Company. Membership applications will be evaluated by the Company, and the Company has the right to refuse membership requests without any justification. Even after the membership process is completed, the Company has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend, cancel the membership or cease to provide the Service without any reason.

3.5. Membership is completed by filling out the membership form required to become a member of the Internet Site from the relevant section of Selligo and having the Company approve this membership process. Members acknowledge, declare and undertake that they cannot collect payments from Buyers if they do not enter their banking and similar payment and account information into the relevant sections of the Internet Site.

3.6. In order for your membership application to be approved by the Company, additional information and documents may be requested by the Company such as a copy of the identity card, identification number, driver's license, passport, bank-approved account and IBAN information, place of residence document, bank-signed and stamped receipt, tax certificate, signature circular, and other additional information and documents. Bank information must be in the name of the Member. Membership applications of individuals and legal entities who do not fulfill this request of the Company may be rejected by the Company without giving any reasons.

3.7. The shipping costs for any document that the Member is required to send to the Company are borne by the Member.

3.8. Selligo and in this context, the Company, acts as an "Intermediary Service Provider" for contracts established for the provision of any goods or services provided under distance contracts. Sellers are responsible for all content, price, copyright, and all other requirements under relevant laws related to advertisements they provide to sell to Buyers on Selligo. Selligo has no responsibility for the products of the Seller. Selligo may suspend the sale of a product by the Seller for a certain period or remove it from publication indefinitely. Selligo may notify the Seller of this decision or not, at its discretion.

3.9. Within the scope of the sub-services specified in section (a) of the "SERVICES" definition, Selligo is a "Service Provider" that facilitates the sale of products, the ownership of which belongs to third-party companies, through dealership agreements with third-party companies. Selligo does not sell products from its own stock. The ownership of any product sold on Selligo does not belong to the Company.

3.10. Selligo lists the Products offered for sale by Members on Selligo. In this regard, Sellers acknowledge and undertake that the Company is authorized to collect the price of the Products offered for sale on behalf of the Sellers. By making payments through Selligo, Buyers fulfill their payment obligations within the framework of the contract they have established with the Sellers. In this context, the Seller agrees and undertakes in advance to pay a service fee to the Company for the services provided, and that the Company is authorized to transfer the payments made by the Buyers to the Seller's account. Selligo charges a service fee as a percentage of the product price from individual and corporate members. This fee rate may vary for individual and corporate members. The authority to determine the service fee specified as a percentage belongs solely to Selligo.

3.11. Members acknowledge in advance that the applicable Service Fee rates declared on the website or mobile application will be valid for the collection of payments from Buyers.

3.12. Members, Sellers, Buyers, Visitors, or Users acknowledge, declare, and undertake in advance that the Company is not obliged to verify any information entered into the relevant sections of Selligo by themselves and that it does not undertake to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided under any circumstances.

3.13. Selligo has the right to convert the information held in the Database into statistical information, use it in advertising and/or marketing, determine the general trends of Users, and use it to provide richer content to Users at all times.

3.14. Selligo may use the Product information, images, and descriptions sent by Members, as well as any comments and suggestions made about the Product and any other Content in any way possible. However, personal information such as the Member's identity information, photograph, and mobile phone number will not be shared by Selligo with third-party individuals or institutions.

3.15. The Company reserves the right to limit the purchase or acquisition quantities of Members.

3.16. The Company endeavors to present Product images as close to their original as possible, but does not guarantee the accuracy of the visual appearance of the Products.

3.17. The Company does not provide any guarantees, whether explicit or implicit, including but not limited to uninterrupted continuity, continuous updates, sales guarantees, or error-free performance to any User within the scope of the Services. The Company may temporarily suspend or permanently terminate the Services when it deems necessary. The Company is not liable for any damages resulting from the temporary suspension or permanent termination of the Services.

3.18. The Company has the right to apply campaigns or promotions to the Service Fee it charges to Users. The duration of such campaigns or promotions is determined by the Company and may be terminated before the specified period ends.

3.19. Except for payments to be collected on behalf of Sellers from Buyers, the Company does not represent or warrant Buyers and/or Sellers under any circumstances. The Company has no obligation, including but not limited to facilitating communication between Sellers and Buyers in case of any disputes or similar situations arising between them. If any dispute arises between a Seller and a Buyer, the Company cannot be named as a party to such dispute.

3.20. Any transaction, action, or behavior that constitutes a crime within the scope of the relevant legislation, including but not limited to advertising, unfair competition, terrorism, money laundering, republic, state, religion, racism, drugs, politicians, or correspondence regarding other legal entities, pornographic content, the use of vulgar language, or harassment of other users is prohibited and violates the rules of this Agreement when utilizing the services offered by Selligo. In such cases, the User may be temporarily or permanently denied access to the services by Selligo, and if any relevant content, materials, data, or other elements created by the User exist, they may be shared with official authorities upon request. User information may also be shared with official and administrative authorities, including but not limited to the prosecutor's office and law enforcement agencies, in compliance with the appropriate procedures.

3.21. Technical support is not provided for non-sales related issues via the live support line. The Support Request menus available on the User profile page should be used for other non-sales related issues.

3.22. No refunds are issued for purchased League of Legends Unranked accounts. Only one new replacement account is delivered during the 1-week guarantee period.

3.23. If a User has made a sale or purchase on the site, their personal information must be stored in the system for 3 years. The purpose of storing this information is to be able to provide it to the relevant authorities in the event of a legal process.

3.24. Trading through the Selligo .shop website is prohibited. The memberships of the buyer and seller who offer and complete such a transaction may be terminated without warning. Selligo does not provide support to those who engage in this prohibited activity.

3.25. By registering to the website, the member agrees to receive sales and purchase messages from Selligo via SMS to their phone and to receive emails related to sales transactions.

3.26. The membership of individuals who send messages containing profanity, insults, and harassment to Selligo management, employees, and members through the support system, live support, and other channels will be terminated without warning.

3.27. In order to prevent and solve any problems that may arise during buying and selling transactions and to ensure that members are not victimized, Selligo may contact the buyer and seller via Whatsapp or phone call.

3.28. The membership of users who request payment outside of the site and insist on this to the buyer and seller is terminated.

3.29. If the seller does not provide sufficient information in the ad description, the buyer will be deemed justified in any resulting grievances, and the transaction will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded to the buyer.

3.30. If a previously removed member signs up again with a new membership, their new account will also be removed from the site if detected.

3.31. If a seller markets the same account information to multiple buyers, their account will be terminated.

3.32. Balance coupons sent between members are only suitable for site expenses. Withdrawal requests cannot be created under any circumstances.

3.33. During the purchase of digital codes, it is mandatory to start a video recording, and a video recording of the purchase moment and afterwards is required when a complaint record is created before purchasing the product.


4.1. The Member agrees and undertakes to benefit from the Services in compliance with the rules published on Selligo. In case of any changes, Members cannot claim any acquired or retroactive rights. Changes to this agreement are primarily announced on the website and become effective upon their publication.

4.2. Legal and criminal liability is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the Member for any transaction carried out by the Member on Selligo. In this context, the Member acknowledges and declares that they will comply with the applicable laws, regulations, and directives in all their transactions and that all responsibilities regulated by them are their own.

4.3. The Member cannot claim that they do not know or cannot know the responsibilities imposed by the current legislation.

4.4. The Seller is responsible for sending the Product purchased by the Buyer and paid for by the Buyer for any reason. The Company cannot be held responsible for the unlawful act of the Seller. If this situation is reported by the Buyer, the Company is authorized to suspend or delete the relevant Seller's account. The Company does not undertake mediation and arbitration duties between the Buyer and the Seller in any dispute.

4.5. All Members acknowledge and declare that the information defined in Selligo (name, surname, phone number, ID number, address, e-mail, bank account information, tax certificate) is accurate and belongs to them. If the Company detects or suspects any dispute in this information, it may close the Member's account for a certain period or delete it indefinitely.

4.6. The Company may suspend the Member's membership temporarily or permanently, subject to certain limitations, or unilaterally terminate this Membership Agreement without notice or for any reason. In case of termination or suspension of the membership, if the Member has any outstanding debt to the Company, the Company may withhold it to offset against possible damages.

4.7. The Company reserves the right to claim compensation for material and moral damages in case of violation of the Membership Agreement, Usage Terms, and their attachments. The Membership Agreement, Usage Terms, and attachments are suspended during the period of cessation of Selligo's publication for any reason. Members cannot make any compensation claims for suspended sales transactions during this period.

4.8. This agreement is deemed to be automatically terminated in the event of the termination of all Services within Selligo. However, if the Company starts to offer additional services through the methods specified in the Services, this agreement will be valid for new services as well.

4.9. The Company may report the Member to the Public Prosecutor's Office and relevant regulatory authorities without prior warning (especially in cases of stolen, non-original, illegal and/or counterfeit product sales) for the necessary legal action to be taken against the Member. The Member agrees and undertakes not to hold the Company responsible and not to claim compensation from the Company if the Company suffers any damage as a result of the complaint.

4.10. The Company is not obliged to issue an invoice for transactions with a financial benefit between the Buyer and Seller through Selligo. The Member is responsible for issuing an invoice for the sale made. The Company cannot be held responsible in any way for financial transactions between Members. In case of irregularities detected in purchase and sale transactions, Member accounts may be suspended or completely deleted for an indefinite period. If the relevant official institutions of the UK government request information and documents in accordance with the rules on money transfer between Members, the Company will deliver this information and documents to the Member without notifying them immediately. The Company cannot be held responsible for legal proceedings between official institutions and Members.

4.11. The Member may terminate this agreement by submitting a written and signed petition 15 days in advance. When the termination process is approved by the Company, the Member will be notified by email or SMS.

4.12. The Member can only sell the product listed on Selligo to the Buyer found through Selligo. If the Seller sells the product to the Buyer through a different channel and causes the Company to suffer possible revenue loss, it is deemed to be a termination reason. The Member who caused this will have their membership canceled without any justification and permanently. They will also be prevented from becoming a member again.


5.1. By accepting this agreement, the Member agrees that the Company has the right to access the Member's profile on Selligo at any time and without any notification.

5.2. The Member must create a profile page for themselves in order to offer Products for sale. In creating this profile page, the Member will enter the information requested of them (name, surname, phone number, identification number, address, email, bank account information, tax certificate, etc.) in the relevant places. Some of the information provided by Members may be requested for use in the Services and may not appear on the profile page. The Company has the right to change any part of the profile page at any time without notice.

5.3. The Member acknowledges, represents, and warrants that the information provided on their profile page is accurate and complete. The Company cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from incomplete information.

5.4. Membership profiles cannot be opened on behalf of another person, used by someone else, or transferred to another person after they have been opened. Account transactions made between Members without the knowledge of the Company do not legally bind the Company. Members acknowledge that the Company has the right to unilaterally terminate the Membership Agreement and terminate the Member's membership without any further notice due to these behaviors.

5.5. Members who violate the Membership Agreement or User Agreement and its annexes may be permanently banned from Selligo. Verification can be done using the Member's identification number and account number. If it is determined that a Member has been banned, any new membership applications will be rejected without notice.

5.6. The Member is responsible for protecting their own username and password. The Member cannot disclose this information to third parties or allow third parties to use it. If the Member becomes aware that their account has been used without permission, they undertake to immediately notify Selligo. The Company has the right to block the Member's access to Selligo and/or terminate their membership in order to prevent unauthorized use.

5.7. The Member acknowledges, represents, and warrants that the Product photos or profile photos posted on their profile are their own, reflect the truth, and comply with social morality rules. If this provision is violated, the Company may cancel the relevant Member's membership without further notice.

5.8. The Company has the right to invalidate unused profiles. Profiles with no user activity for 6 months or more may be marked as inactive. Additional procedures may be required of the Member for these profiles to become active again.

5.9. No Member may manipulate or target another Member's profile on Selligo. In compensation cases that may arise between Members for such reasons, the Company cannot be a party or included.

5.10. The Member agrees that the Company can display the Member's rating and the ratings given to the Member on their profile page.


6.1. Members can sell their products on Selligo by posting an ad in compliance with the Posting Rules.

6.2. The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that they will not enter any Content that violates any legislation, including but not limited to consumer protection, intellectual property rights, and advertising regulations, and that there will be no statements in their content that violate these laws, nor images or visuals such as videos that violate them.

6.3. The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that they will not engage in illegal acts such as slandering, defaming, threatening or harassing other users, companies, individuals or Selligo's competitors in the Contents, and that they will not attempt to disrupt Selligo's infrastructure in any way or engage in any action that would harm Selligo's reputation, and that they will not use pornographic textual or visual content.

6.4. The Seller acknowledges that they are solely responsible for all legal liabilities related to the products and services they put up for sale and that the Company is not directly or indirectly involved with them under any capacity in terms of sales.

6.5. The products sold by Selligo itself are presented to Users instantly and without stock through a dealership agreement. There is no product stock managed by the Company itself on Selligo. Selligo does not sell any physical product. All products are instantaneously consumed, numerical codes or similar digital and general names, such as E-PIN.

6.6. Selligo is not responsible for physical or non-physical products offered by Sellers. Selligo does not provide any guarantee or after-sales support for these products. Selligo also has no responsibility for products that the Seller is required to ship. Selligo cannot take any position in the commercial relationship established between the Seller and the Buyer.

6.7. The Company may temporarily or permanently suspend the publication of the relevant Content without any notice to the Member if the Content published on Selligo violates the law, infringes on the personal and commercial rights of others, or violates the Terms of Use, Membership Agreement, and attachments, and other rules and conditions directly or indirectly. In this case, if there is a payment for the Product content to be published by the Company, this payment will not be refunded under any circumstances. In this context, the Member accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that they cannot request a refund of any amount they have paid from the Company.

6.8. Selligo has no obligation to regulate, establish, or create a relationship between the Buyer and the Seller or to act as an arbitrator in any way for any reason. The Buyer and the Seller are personally and directly responsible for their sales and post-sale dispute, and they acknowledge and declare in advance that Selligo has no responsibility in this regard.

6.9. Members are obliged to not cause any material or moral harm to the Company and Selligo under any circumstances and not to damage the reputation of the Company and Selligo. Sellers acknowledge in advance that they are obliged to conduct their relationships with Buyers within the framework of respect and not to use insulting, derogatory, and offensive expressions. The memberships of Sellers who are subject to complaints about such behavior and correspondence by Buyers may be suspended indefinitely or their memberships may be canceled.

6.10. The Seller whose membership is canceled or suspended indefinitely due to non-compliance with this agreement or other contracts and attachments belonging to Selligo acknowledges in advance and unconditionally that they may not receive the earnings accumulated in their own balance from product sales for an indefinite period or not at all.

6.11. In the event of any dispute between the Buyer and the Seller, the Company has no obligation to pay or refund the Service Fee collected to the Buyer or the Seller.

6.12. The balance of individuals who sell the product named "Nitro" in the Discord category may be blocked for up to 15 days. If requested by the Company, the seller is asked to provide purchase details (invoice, receipt, etc.) for this product. If the Seller does not provide these documents, their account may be closed.


7.1. All transactions in Selligo are in dollars.

7.2. Members can load their accounts with balance through the services provided by banks and other payment method companies that Selligo has an agreement with. The commission amounts that the bank and other payment method companies will request from the Member during the balance loading process are determined solely by these companies. Selligo has no responsibility for these rates.

7.3. As a result of the balance loading process carried out on Selligo, the credit/units are reflected in the Member's account. 1 credit/unit equals 1$. Balances are shown as credits/units on Selligo.

7.4. Depending on the explanations you write during balance loading, credits/units will be added to your membership in exchange for money. It is possible to load balances using a credit card that does not use 3D Secure process on Selligo. Selligo is not responsible for checking whether the credit card, debit card, bank account, and other payment tools used by the Member in the balance loading process belong to the Member and match the information on the Member's profile page.

7.5. The Member is obliged to keep the receipt, ATM receipt, and other documents given to them after loading the balance. In case of dispute, wet signed and stamped documents provided by the bank or other payment companies are accepted. The Company may request these documents to be sent to them by cargo. The shipping cost belongs to the sender.

7.6. The Member acknowledges and declares in advance that they loaded the balance on their profile with their consent, that the loaded balance is kept in the bank accounts belonging to the Company or in the money processing areas provided by the payment service providers that the Company has an agreement with, and that they will only use it to shop on Selligo. The Member also acknowledges that the balance loaded by themselves cannot be refunded.

7.7. Selligo is obliged to send only the amount deserved by the Seller; service fee, bank transfer fees, and any additional fees that may arise by deducting them from the amount paid by the Buyer and transferring them to the Seller's bank account, which is registered and named only in their own name. No transfer can be made to a bank account registered or named in someone else's name. Selligo is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of the bank account and whether it belongs to the Member. Any expenses arising from bank or other payment methods that may arise during the money transfer are directly reflected to the Member. The transfer is made after the remaining amount is deducted from the Member's balance and the Service Fee is also deducted.

7.8. The credits that the Member loaded onto their account and the credits earned from sales are categorized separately. The Member cannot request a refund for the balance they loaded on behalf of themselves.

7.9. Shopping can only be made if there is sufficient balance in the Member's account. If the Member does not have sufficient balance in their account, they need to first load balance into their own account.

7.10. In order to prevent money laundering, money transfers between members cannot be made on Selligo. However, members can transfer credits/top-ups between themselves within the limits and methods determined by Selligo. Members cannot hold Selligo responsible for any issues that may arise from the transfer. The account holder of the transferred balance cannot request a refund to their bank account.

7.11. If the transfer amount between members or the amount requested by a member to be transferred to their bank account is large, the Company may temporarily block the transaction. The Company may request an explanation from the member(s) regarding the transaction and may request a written petition if necessary.

7.12. The Company has the right to determine the upper and lower limits for balance holding, loading balances to profiles, and all kinds of transactions related to the sale and post-sale transfer of funds, as well as certain limits and fees. These limits and fees are announced on the website The Member acknowledges and declares in advance that any changes related to this matter will come into effect as soon as they are announced.

7.13. The Member acknowledges and declares in advance that all kinds of balance loading, balance transfer, or money transfer transactions made by Selligo for their own profile are recorded and stored by the Company.

7.14. From the revenue generated from the sale transaction on Selligo, service fees, bank transfer fees, and any additional fees that may arise will be deducted. After deducting these fees from the sales amount, the remaining amount will be loaded into the Seller's account as a balance.

7.15. Cash withdrawal requests can only be made for the balances transferred from the revenue generated by the sale transaction and transferred to the Seller's account on Selligo. Therefore, there may be a difference between the withdrawable and usable balance in the member's account.

7.16. Balances transferred between users cannot be withdrawn by the last recipient, even if they were previously obtained from a sale transaction. These balances can only be used to purchase products or for other services on Selligo.

7.17. Users cannot create withdrawal requests for fractional amounts.


8.1. The content accessed on Selligo and the information provided by users belong to the Company, including but not limited to the Database, Interface, design, text, codes and all related elements, and/or have been obtained from a third party under a legally valid license. Except for cases where the Company explicitly grants authorization within these Terms of Use, no Content, including the Selligo Database and Interface, can be shared or copied.

8.2. Selligo is not responsible for any content uploaded by the Member. The Member is solely responsible for any legal proceedings that may arise from unauthorized sharing of such content. Selligo reserves the right to delete any content it deems unlawful without any prior notice.

8.3. The Member agrees not to reproduce, copy, distribute or process any Content, including electronic texts, visual and audio images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists, available on Selligo.

8.4. The Member agrees not to take actions that would harm the personal or commercial reputation of the Company or third parties or infringe on their personality rights on Selligo.

8.5. All Content accessed and/or displayed through Selligo is owned by the Company. Without written application to and approval from Selligo, this Content cannot be reproduced, copied or shared with third parties.

8.6. The Member cannot attempt to access the Database where the Content accessed and/or displayed through Selligo is stored.

8.7. The use of APIs, scripts or other software to extract data from Selligo for the purpose of obtaining Content accessed and/or displayed is prohibited.

8.8. The name, logo or any other content representing Selligo cannot be used in any medium without the written approval of the Company. Selligo announces its business partners on its website, Except for those listed there, no real or legal person has the right to use any content representing the name of Selligo.


9.1. This Agreement shall remain in effect for as long as the Member's membership continues and shall continue to have legal effects and consequences between the parties. It shall be considered terminated in case the Member's membership is temporarily or permanently suspended. The Terms of Use and all other agreements and annexes are integral and inseparable parts of this Membership Agreement. The Membership Agreement, the Terms of Use, and the annexes may be modified by Selligo. Members shall be deemed to have accepted the updated terms and the entire new version of the agreement each time they log in to Selligo. Changes will be published on and shall become effective immediately upon publication and shall be deemed accepted by Members.


10.1. This Membership Agreement shall enter into force upon the mutual acceptance and electronic approval of the Member.

10.2. The Company reserves the right to update any provision, part, or all of this Membership Agreement or its annexes at any time by making changes and publishing the new version. In this context, all published texts will be effective for Members from the date of publication. The Member's claim that they were not aware of the changes will not be accepted as an excuse.


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